Downloads for Sid Meier's Railroads.
Below is a fix for the heavy crashing when playing the game on Windows Vista!
This download adds support for systems with more than 2GB of RAM.
Railroads uses a lot of RAM so the game will still crash when all the RAM is used up from playing a big game.
The more RAM you have in your computer the longer your game will last, You can have a good game with 4GB Ram.


  • Close as many programes as possible before playing to free up more RAM for a longer game.
  • Try not to use bridges and complex tracks (Signal Cross Points).

RailRoads 1.1 Unofficial Fix for Windows Vista Crash.
Download Crash Fix v0.01 : Railroads Version 1.1 : 31/5/2008

RailRoads 1.1 Backup.
Just incase you forgot to backup your RailRoads.exe file.
Download v1.1 : Railroads Version 1.1 : 31/5/2008

Extract the new RailRoads.exe file to your game folder (Be Sure to make a backup frist!):
C:\Program Files (x86)\2K Games\Firaxis Games\Sid Meier's Railroads!\RailRoads.exe

Before downloading/installing any official patches after applying this fix be sure to swap back to your RailRoads.EXE backup.

Event Crash log:
Event ID: 1000
Faulting application RAILRO~1.EXE
Time stamp 0x458836db
Faulting module RAILRO~1.EXE
Time stamp 0x458836db
Exception code 0xc0000005
fault offset 0x004d43be
Process id 0x1010
Application start time 0x01c8c2fa8606a789.

The error is generated by an illegal memory access violation.
This can be caused by faulty RAM
An incorrect/corrupt device driver
* Poorly written/updated software
Malware/adware installations.

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